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Eco Carpet Cleaning at Home – Advice By Our Cleaners

18 October 2017

The eco wave has affected more and more aspects of our life and daily routine. Eco food, eco equipment, eco production, eco carpet cleaning… And when we think about it, there is a reason for having such an effect. The benefits of this ‘mania’ are not just a few at all. There is no doubt about the fact that when we improve our quality of life we spend less effort in maintaining our health, and the nature is thankful for sparing its recourses.

It is great that the aspiration of people, business and the society as a whole is developing towards putting adequate care for preserving the environment. That is why it is not strange at all that reasonable usage of differentcarpet cleaning techniques and products or minimizing their usage is highly evaluated today.

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How To Clean The Bathroom Carpet

15 October 2017

If we need to be honest, cleaning the bathroom is the most unpleasant thing. True punishment. However, The bathroom is the site most in need of maintenance and cleaning since it has direct contact with water, moisture and detergents. Like the kitchen, it should be cleaned regularly so that it does not have to be cleaned for hours afterwards to remove overlays and dirt. In addition, regular care prevents the deposition of harmful molds and microbes. We are sure that the thing you want the most is to have healthy environment for your family and kinds. Knowing how to clean especially the bathroom rugs properly will help you to get them looking good again without destroying them. As we already said, they need to be washed regularly from hair, moisture, and misfires – especially if you have small children.

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How to Remove Milk From Your Carpet

11 October 2017

We all know how unpleasant it is when we spill something on our carpet, no matter how careful we are trying to be. Before calling a carpet cleaning company, we usually try to solve the problem by ourself. Read our carpet cleaning tips how to remove milk from your carpet at home.

If you are already reading this, you are probably having a bunch towels in your hands. Okay! Don’t panic. We are here to help you. You can simply use a few things for which we are sure that you can find in your home or the store. Here are some practical carpet cleaning tips for removing carpet stains from milk, which we have already tried and we promise you that they are fast, effective and affordable. 

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Removing blood stains from a carpet or upholstery

7 September 2017

Dealing with blood stains on your carpet

Blood can be one of the harder liquids to shift when it comes to carpet or upholstery stains. The haemoglobin acts as a binder with the fibres on contact with oxygen. Removing blood stains can become even tougher after the mark has completely dried, so you need to work quickly.

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The reasons to avoid cheap carpet cleaning services

6 September 2017

Everyone wants to enjoy a great bargain. The rise of online shopping and price comparison websites means that we all get to enjoy the best deals on popular products, seeking out the cheapest prices to avoid paying over the odds.But of course, when you buy a branded product at a good price, you know that you will have the option to return it if fails to meet expectations. However, when it comes to cheap carpet cleaning services, the situation is a little less clear.

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Which are the surfaces that we do not clean often, but we should

26 July 2017

Do you feel how the ends of your hair are getting straight when you hear that it is again time for cleaning?

Yes, we understand you completely, but this time we could slightly disappoint you, because we have prepared something else for you, which is not the usual part of advice for easier cleaning. This time the specialists from Cleaner Cleaner would like to remind you (a real friendly reminder) some peculiar surfaces and places that we often miss while cleaning but you shouldn’t.

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Which products are hazardous and how we should avoid them?

5 July 2017

Have you ever been in a situation when you get an allergic reaction or any respiratory or dermatological problems after you are done with the cleaning at your home (even if it is not an entire cleaning of the house). Perhaps, not all of them at once, perhaps they were not in such a great extend, but for sure we have all experienced such kind of consequences. And have you thought that the most probable reason for their appearance is the cleaning itself? You may be wondering how this is possible, having in mind the well-known fact that impeccable cleanness prevents the appearance of various diseases?

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How To Clean Upholstery Stains

3 June 2017

We are all well aware of the fact that upholstery is one of the most difficult things for cleaning at our homes. The problem lies in the fact that textile is really delicate and fragile. And as it is according to Murphy’s law for sure there will be a situation in our daily life that will end up in having a stain on the textile. Stains are so many and different – beer, wine, juice, chocolate, coffee and even chewing gum. And the methods for cleaning them are just a few. So what should we do? The qualities of a housewife appear to be judged according to the fact how clean her home is – then stains are completely unacceptable, but how to clean upholstery stains?

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How to remove greasy, ink and wine carpet stains?

29 May 2017

Cleaning Greasy Stains

When the greasy stain is already a fact, it is not necessary to waste time for investigating where the stain came from. Getting nervous about it is also not a good idea. Instead you should take actions for removing it. It is well known that the best means against grease that those that are easily absorbed – talc, chalk, sawdust, farina soaked with gasoline. Pour some amount of one of these means over the stain and cover it with paper. Leave it to stay like this for a couple of hours, but the best will be to leave it for the entire night. On the next day you should use a clean paper to wipe it and gather everything. It is appropriate to clean with a vacuum cleaner after that.

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How to clean wool carpets?

25 May 2017

Why should we clean wool carpets?

Wool carpets are much “tender” than synthetic carpets and some rough and too active cleaning actions could damage the integrity of the fibers. That is why it is necessary to use the most delicate means and methods for cleaning them

The method for cleaning the wool carpets with snow is extremely appropriate in this case but under the condition that you take care for the perfect drying after that.

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