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Our carpet cleaning service is available to all residential and commercial clients in London.

Cleaner Cleaner is a leading carpet cleaning London company, providing tailored carpet cleaning solutions suitable for either home or business. We are proud members of the National Carpet Cleaning Association, Woolsafe , TACCA, IICRC and Trust Mark. Our carpet cleaning machines are top-of-the-range commercial products and our carpet cleaners are fully-trained, certified and insured professionals. We pride ourselves on providing the best 6-step carpet cleaning services at your convenience and strive to meet and exceed your every expectation.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Services

carpet cleaning londonThis carpet cleaning method includes sanitation by injecting pressurized hot water and detergent. While vacuuming and dry carpet cleaning are a good way to provide a carpet with a light clean, to truly get rid of the deep dirt and micro-organisms that often lurk within the carpet pile, we highly recommend the 6 step hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. Often referred to as carpet steam cleaning”, hot water extraction is performed with a hot water extraction machine that uses highly-pressurised water in combination with a cleaning solution to provide your carpet with the deepest of cleans. For allergy sufferers and asthmatics, hot water extraction can reduce allergens, molds, fungi, mildew and dust mites – all of which can contribute to poor health.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaners recommend this method for cleaning carpets. It handles beautifully even the most stubborn dirt and removes any stains.  We would like to mention one more reason why the method of using steam is appropriate to preserve the health of you and your family. In our work we resort only to eco carpet cleaning products. Yes, as you guessed they are very strong and can remove without problem even the most stubborn stains, but that is not all about them. At the same time, chemicals that have been developed with eco-technologies don’t carry any risk of allergens or heavy metals, respectively, all our products are completely safe for you, your loved ones and your pets.

The Benefits Carpet Steam Cleaning

As well as reducing the number of health problems associated with the dirt and micro-organisms that dwell in a dirty carpet, by establishing a regular routine, home and business owners can also considerably lengthen the life of their carpets. We recommend regular vacuuming followed up with a professional deep carpet cleaning twice a year. Our carpet cleaning London service includes other benefits as well – call us today to find out more.

Why should you choose Cleaner Cleaner to clean your carpets?

  • We have proved ourselves as high-class carpet cleaners in the field of carpet cleaning London based services and are a recognizable brand from a number of years. For all this time we brought joy to our customers after each cleaned carpet and “collected” tons of positive feedback.
  • We have a different approach in each case because we offer a personal touch – we meet and after discussion with you, we choose the most optimal and efficient way to clean your space. As a result, the carpet is like new!
  • Cleaner Cleaner is a team of professional carpet cleaners. Therefore the machines we have are among the most modern on the market. Our carpet cleaning products have proven effective – strong on the contamination, gentle on the texture and, of course, eco. The teams who work for us, those same people who will perform miracles in your home are professionals. They have passed all necessary courses, training like these of the National Carpet Cleaning Association and are certified and more over when they are working, they do it with eagerness for better results.
  • Let’s talk a little about the time of cleaning your carpets. Choosing Cleaner Cleaner for your assistant in this difficult task, you can rest assured about the specific day and time to start sanitation. We comply fully with your time requirements.
  • We are proud to say that we are among the best carpet cleaning companies you can hire to clean your floor mats. It has been long time since we thrived to satisfy all your expectations and requirements – we already surpass them.

What you gain from the professional carpet cleaning service of Cleaner Cleaner?

1. Regular sanitation

Have you ever wondered how it can be considered normal and even requiring the carpet to be cleaned every 4-6 months? How about if you have to do it yourself. What normal person would comply with such rules … just thinking what “experience” with the sponge and mop will require and you postpone for the next time. It’s understandable.

But there are people who regularly observe the schedule and sanitize their floor mats 2-3 times a year. But they, however, use the help of Cleaner Cleaner for carpet cleaning London services. Sanitationning them proves extremely easy, economical and enjoyable. 

2. The London carpet cleaning service spares the fabrics.

Regardless of the type and strength of the products and the machines you would use, our experts insure times better and stronger treatment for the textures than if you wash your carpets yourself (brushes and rough sponges are ruthless to the fabrics).

3. Surely you will be charmed, if you trust a team of specialists from Cleaner Cleaner to clean your carpets.

You will not be wasting your time in sanitation and you will be free to do something much more enjoyable. No wonder if you want our professionals to clean up the rest of your home. And why not – it will be quick, it will be in your convenient time, for a reasonable amount and the result will be great. Call us or leave us a message to find out in detail about our other services like after builders cleaning.

Some of you may still be sceptical and don’t trust so easily. If you’re still wondering whether to seek Cleaner Cleaner for professional carpet cleaning, then check out the videos below – they speak for our expert services. Pay attention to the feedback and notice what opinion our customers have for us. By now you surely are convinced that Cleaner Cleaner is the best company for carpet cleaning London services.

To get detailed information about our cleaning services and concrete prices, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your queries kindly and exhaustively.

Are you looking to hire a professional carpet steam cleaner in London and Greater London?

Well, look no further – we’re ready to tackle the toughest carpet cleaning London challenges!


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Quick and efficient carpet cleaning service! Very polite and respectful of possessions . Great attention to detail!
Charlotte, Coldharbour lane SW9

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  • Fully trained carpet cleaners
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  • 100% customer satisfaction
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5 June 2017
Very friendly and professional cleaners. An excellent end of tenancy & carpet cleaning service! Michelle, Baron's court, W6 8HY

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5 April 2017
Efficeint and prompt service! Sofas and curtains were cleaned very well. Polite and respectful cleaners. Tamara,  W14 8BE

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