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Our end of tenancy cleaning service is available anywhere in London!

Are you leaving your rented home or are you a landlord looking to rent your property to new tenants? Take advantage of our End of Tenancy Cleaning London service.

How easy it is to leave a rented home and get your full deposit? Or how quick it is to find tenants, if you are a landlord? In both cases the answer is one. What attracts people is immaculate cleanliness. Well, now get to work with the sponge and mop in hand … we are joking! The solution is very easy – just look for the service End of Tenancy Cleaning London of Cleaner Cleaner and forget about any worries!

If you’re a landlord looking to rent your property to new tenants, getting it to an immaculate condition will make it much easier to rent. It helps to justify that monthly rental premium and it sets the right precedent for the new tenants treating the property with respect and keeping it clean and tidy.

When you decide to move out of rented accommodation, an important part of the moving process is the tenancy cleaning service. A one-off spend on cleaning the property back to pristine condition can save a lot more in deposit money and argument.

We know that before you contact a cleaning company you want to learn more details about the professional cleaning services. It is your right and is quite understandable. Moreover – in Cleaner Cleaner we have nothing to hide. Therefore, below you will find detailed information about the methods of cleaning, where and what exactly we can clean. If you don’t find the answer to your question don’t hesitate to contact us.

We work closely with many of the top estate and letting agents throughout London and we know their requirements. Cleaner Cleaner operate across all areas of London and we are proud to offer comprehensive service company that provides professional end of tenancy cleaning London at affordable prices.

The best cleaning prices in London

End of Tenancy Cleaners in London

Cleaner Cleaner’s professional teams of end of tenancy cleaners spare no effort in leaving your property in pristine condition. Check out our extensive list of what the service covers below. It is also worth noting that end of tenancy cleaning London is not just for rented property; it is also the ideal solution for people wanting to get maximum value when selling their home. A thorough cleaning can add thousands of pounds to the final selling price..

Moving In / Out Professional Cleaning

Cleaner Cleaner provides professional moving in / out cleaning services to all London areas. For more information on all of our services, including hot water extraction and upholstery cleaning London, please call us today.

end of tenancy cleaning

Why to look for Cleaner’s end of tenancy cleaning?

Our team works with real estate brokers all over London and the surrounding area. This gives us grounds to say that we are familiar with all requirements for how a place should look before and after renting it. This in turn should bring peace of mind to our clients, who when decide to trust us, will find their space in perfect condition.

– Let’s talk about money – after all, they are key in this situation.

1. Suppose you are a tenant who leaves the lodgings. To get the amount you deposited, you will need to take: a) few days to clean the whole house; b) a considerable amount of products; c) nerves in case you do not reach your desired results. In the end, unfortunately, you may not even get close to the requirements of the owner and your deposit will “burn.” But you have another option. You can just hire a professional cleaning service and get that full deposit. Yes, after equating you may end up with a smaller amount than originally paid, but less is better than nothing, right?!

2. In case you need end of tenancy cleaning, because you are a landlord, then again the best option is to choose a professional cleaning service of Cleaner Cleaner, than to bother yourself with sanitation. The amount you pay for the service will return repeatedly – be it in the high deposit or the nice amount for monthly rent. You starting to like the idea more than you thought, right?

Well, we talked for the money you have to pay for end of tenancy cleaning, but we never said the exact amount … And there is no way to say in advance as it depends on many factors – the degree of contamination, types of surfaces, furniture and appliances, time, size of the place, etc. Contact us now to get an offer strictly personalized and consistent with the characteristics of your home. However, above all, keep in mind that our prices for end of tenancy cleaning are among the lowest in London and the surrounding area!

You’re probably filling our contact form or dialling our phone number to order our professional services for your apartment before / after tenants. Wait, we want to share a bit more.

Because we want to make it easy for you and it is important that you are happy, we also offer professional moving services. Those of you who are in the process of changing a home, don’t have to worry how to carry their belongings – with Cleaner, of course! You can count on us to move in and to all areas in London. The price is reasonable, of course, both for end of tenancy, for the cleaning of carpets and for all our services. When will we move your luggage – well, this is entirely up to you. You specify the day and time, we only help you.

We promised earlier we’ll share everything about the end of tenancy cleaning service. That is why we think it is right to describe in detail where and what we can clean (you’ll see a list a few lines down) and in the meanwhile, if you want to get your offer now just contact us by phone or send us your inquiry.

Our End of tenancy cleaning program:

We carry out an extremely thorough end of tenancy London clean on the property so that it’s entirely ready for new tenants.

All interior rooms

  • All skirting boards dusted & cleaned
  • All picture rails dusted & cleaned
  • All door frames dusted & cleaned
  • All doors cleaned and handles & locks polished
  • All light switches cleaned and polished
  • All electrical sockets cleaned & polished
  • Walls and Ceilings dusted and cobwebs removed
  • Light fittings dusted & cleaned
  • Flooring vacuumed / swept & mopped
  • Mirrors & frames dusted & polished
  • Window frames cleaned internally
  • Window glass cleaned internally
  • Audio visual equipment dusted & polished
  • All free-standing furniture dusted & polished
  • Sofa cushions removed & vacuumed
  • All rugs moved, vacuumed & replaced
  • Mattresses vacuumed & turned where applicable
  • All fitted / free-standing wardrobe / cupboard doors dusted and cleaned
  • All hanging rails dusted & polished
  • All wardrobe / cupboard hinges dusted & cleaned

Bathrooms, En Suites & WC

As per all interior rooms, plus:

  • All bathroom fixtures cleaned & polished
  • Limescale & soap scum removed from all surfaces
  • All chrome / metal plated surfaces polished
  • Basin , bath & shower areas descaled and cleaned
  • Shower screens descaled & polished
  • Waste removed & cleaned (where design allows)
  • Limescale removed from toilet bowl where possible
  • Toilet cleaned & sanitised
  • U-bend & area behind toilet cleaned
  • Toilet cistern cleaned

Washing Machines

  • Inside drum cleaned
  • Rubber seal cleaned inside & out, mould may not be removed
  • Glass door cleaned
  • Soap dispenser washed & cleaned
  • Exterior washed & cleaned


  • All crumbs removed
  • External body cleaned & polished
  • Flex & plug degreased & cleaned


As per all interior rooms plus

  • Cupboard interiors, doors & handles cleaned & polished
  • Wall tiles cleaned degreased and polished
  • Worktops cleaned & buffed where applicable
  • Stainless steel appliances left smear free
  • Limescale removed from sink & taps
  • All chrome / metal plated surfaces polished
  • Under sink area & U-bend cleaned
  • All kick boards cleaned
  • All areas between cupboards & appliances cleaned where possible
  • Bin emptied, interior & exterior cleaned
  • Kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery and glassware can be cleaned for an additional fee


  • Interior de-greased
  • Door glass removed & cleaned (where design allows)
  • All cooker fitments removed & degreased

Extractor Hood

  • External body degreased ,cleaned and polished
  • Filters removed degreased and cleaned

Fridges & Freezers

  • Shelves & food compartments removed & cleaned
  • Internal walls & base cleaned
  • Rubber seal to door cleaned
  • Exterior door & handle cleaned
  • Freezer / freezer compartment must be emptied and fully defrosted beforehand


  • Exterior body cleaned and polished
  • Flex & plug degreased and cleaned


  • Glass tray removed & cleaned
  • Internal walls, top & base cleaned
  • Internal glass door cleaned
  • Exterior cleaned and polished
  • Flex & plug degreased and cleaned


  • Exterior cleaned and polished
  • Interior cleaned and polished
  • Filter cleaned
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Efficeint and prompt service! Sofas and curtains were cleaned very well. Polite and respectful cleaners. Tamara,  W14 8BE

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