Upholstery Cleaning in Romford

Upholstery Cleaning in RomfordCleaner Cleaner is a company that offers a great diversity of cleaning services for London homes and offices, including professional upholstery, carpet and rug cleaning. Our services are some of the most preferred by many Londoners who book them on regular basis for their both domestic and commercial properties. We have been operating in the capital since 2008 and over the years have built a reputation of fantastic service provider that offers advanced cleaning technologies. The excellence of our work is possible thanks to the specialist we work with, they are skilled and experienced – an important part of our team since the beginning of our journey.

We are also a local service provider as we offer our cleaning services in almost all areas of London. This helps our customers to book a service in the most convenient time for them, even in emergency situations. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Romford are some of the most preferred and well-known thanks to the fantastic results we reach. For our customers we offer the highest levels of professionalism and cleaning excellence in any job we take. We have a transparent pricing system and fair rates, because the clients’ satisfaction is the most important of our goals. You can convince yourself by the words of our previous customers:

Very nice and friendly guy cleaned our sofas and curtains, we will definitely use this company again and recommend to others. Totally hassle free service!

Linda Rotherhithe SE16 5LH
29 June 2016

About Our Romford Upholstery Cleaning Service

Each team of Cleaner Cleaner has specialised in different area of domestic cleaning. For your upholstery, ancient rugs and carpet cleaning needs, we will send you a team of upholstery cleaners in Romford. They have experience and great knowledge in deep stain removal from all types of soft furniture. Our services technicians specialise in mattress, sofa, chairs, armchairs and settee cleaning and are able to remove all kinds of dirt, dust, grime and bacteria that have been built in your soft furnishing over the time.

For this process of professional upholstery cleaning in Romford we use only advanced cleaning technologies – latest cleaning machinery and tools on the market, and only first-class cleaning detergents. For the fantastic results we provide for our customers, we use two main upholstery cleaning techniques.

  • The first is the steam cleaning or also known as hot water extraction. This method speaks with its name – it is an advanced cleaning technology that uses hot, high pressurise water in a combination of expert cleaning detergent to remove even the deepest stains and dirt build-ups in your soft furniture.
  • The other method is the dry cleaning which is a perfect solution for more sensitive upholstery materials that could be damaged by the hot water and the high pressure. For this method we use special cleaning powder that is rubbed in the deepest layers of the upholstery where it gets in a reaction with all the dirt and bacteria. In the end of the process we vacuum the dirt and cleaning powder mixture away, leaving your furniture refreshed and clean as new. This is a gentle and very effective cleaning method suitable for all kinds of soft and sensitive fabrics.

Our Romford upholstery cleaners are experienced, skilled and well-trained, they know exactly which of these upholstery cleaning methods is the most suitable solution for you depending on your furniture type. You can completely trust them to handle all of your cleaning chores and what’s more – they will be happy to answer all of your questions, to provide with additional details and give you some professional advice on how to take care of your soft furniture, in order to keep the results of our service for longer.

Why You Need Professional Upholstery Cleaning?

Upholstery Cleaning Services in RomfordThe soft fabric of your furniture accumulate a great amount of dust, grime and bacteria over the time, as they are used on daily basis. The invisible microorganisms and allergens in the upholstery are some of the most common reasons for many health issues and respiratory problems such as indoor allergies and astma. For your family safety, specialists suggest carpets and upholstery to be professionally cleaned at least once a year and if possible even oftener – every six months. The clean and fresh home environment is essential for everyone’s health, especially when you have small children.

In addition of the above, the regular upholstery cleaning will prevent the soft furniture from damaging, will keep its great condition and original colours and will lengthen its life. Furniture is a very important part of any property interior, that’s why its condition is determining for your entire home atmosphere.

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How to Book a Service by Cleaner Cleaner?

Our upholstery cleaning services in Romford are available any time you need. You can call us on 07789 426 358 or 020 3757 6248 to request a service. A member of your team will help you to define which is the most suitable service and cleaning technique for your individual needs. They will be happy to provide you with expert support 24/7 via phone or our friendly booking form, so don’t hesitate to contact us right away!