Carpet Cleaning in Wimbledon

Carpets and rugs, regardless of their type and location, need special attention and regular maintenance, in order to keep them clean and fresh. Their good condition is the best way to prevent your family from many health issues, including indoor allergies and other respiratory problems, as carpets can accumulate a huge amount of dist, mug, allergens and dangerous microorganisms. Cleaner Cleaner offers the ultimate solution for professional carpet cleaning in Wimbledon for any type of property – commercial or domestic.

carpet cleaning wimbledonIt is recommended for an absolute healthy home or work environment, all carpets to be expertly cleaned on a regular basis of 12 months. This will not also improve the atmosphere in your facility, but will also lengthen the carpets life. After a professional maintenance, carpets and rugs will also look much better, almost the same as new.

With the help of advanced cleaning techniques and expert carpet cleaning detergents, Cleaner Cleaner specialists will bring back the original appearance and colours of your carpets and rugs. Our proven carpet cleaning method will destroy any dust mites, bacteria, mould and allergens, in order to reduce any risk of asthma and allergies. This is essential especially if you have small children and pets.

You can contact our carpet cleaners in Wimbledon even more frequently than annually, so you can keep your carpets fresh and healthy. We offer also professional upholstery cleaning for any type of soft furniture.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Our most advanced carpet cleaning solution is the so called hot water extraction method, known also as a steam carpet cleaning, It is a technique for the deepest carpet clean up.

The hot water under pressure in a combination with special cleaning detergent is the secret for the success of this cleaning method. It is recommended for almost all carpet types and suggested by all cleaning companies. The cleaning solution will be injected into the deepest layers of your carpet or rug and with the help of high pressure it will extract all the dust and dirt build-ups.

With the many types of carpeting available today, you should first take advice from your professional carpet cleaners in any case you are not sure your carpets will handle this cleaning process.

Here, at Cleaner Cleaner, we als offer a gentler cleaning solution for the more sensitive carpet fabrics. This is our second option for professional carpet cleaning in Wimbledon. It is called dry cleaning and is very efficient cleaning method provided with no water involved.

For this cleaning method we use advanced carpet cleaning powder with proven results on the soft or antique carpets and rugs. The powder get in reaction with the dust mites and bacteria, after that we vacuum the area with no marks of the detergent. It is a safe and eco-friendly carpet cleaning method available for both domestic and commercial properties. Our professional advice is before booking any of these two carpet cleaning services in Wimbledon, first contact with us for professional consultation and tips.

About The Team

carpet cleaning WimbledonCleaner Cleaner is a carpet cleaning company that operates in Wimbledon and across London since many years and we pride ourselves as skilled and knowledgeable carpet cleaners. We hire only experienced carpet cleaners who are completely vetted and insured, they are well-trained in the most recent carpet cleaning techniques.

Our service technicians as absolute professionals will help you to define what is the most suitable carpet cleaning method for your carpets and rugs, before you book a service with us.

They will be happy to answer all of your questions, regarding the post-service maintenance of your carpets. They will give you an expert advice on how to keep the fresh and clean condition of your carpeting for longer. Contact carpet cleaner Wimbledon right away for more information about the team or for a service request.

Our carpet cleaners are available to any London household thanks to the fact that Cleaner Cleaner is a local based cleaning company. We offer our professional cleaning services in most London areas and this is why most customers prefer us. We have a long list of happy and satisfied clients who book us on regular basis for the professional cleaning solutions for their homes and offices. 

How to Book a Service?

Booking a service with Cleaner Cleaner is a quick and hassle-free process. We are available 24/7 to take your call or answer to you through our friendly booking form. We can also provide you with a free quote before arranging a service. Call us on 07789 426 358 or 020 3757 6248 to request a service, to ask for additional information, to check our prices and get tips from our professionals. They will be glad to help you with the booking process and everything else you need for your carpet cleaning in Wimbledon.